Main Topics

Riccardo Cantini's research focuses on Natural Language Processing and Big Data analysis, with a focus on data generated from major social media platforms. His work addresses several challenges, including reliability and dynamicity, to provide an effective data-driven approach for an in-depth understanding of socio-political phenomena. In this context, cutting-edge machine and deep learning models are leveraged, with a particular emphasis on the use of Large Language Models, alongside frameworks for parallel and distributed computing.

The research activities also focus on sustainable Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on ensuring an efficient, fair, and trustworthy use of Large Language Models. In this context, techniques for efficient fine-tuning, energy-aware models, bias elicitation techniques, and advanced retrieval-augmented generation systems are currently being explored, as well as the use of curriculum learning, meta-learning, and knowledge distillation, to learn effectively from limited amounts of data and scarce computing resources.

Participation in Research Projects

FAIR: Future Artificial Intelligence Research
eFlows4HPC: enabling dynamic and Intelligent workflows in the future EuroHPC ecosystem
ASPIDE: exAScale ProgramIng models for extreme Data procEssing

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