Natural Language Processing

Detecting mental disorder on social media: a ChatGPT-augmented explainable approach

In the digital era, the prevalence of depressive symptoms expressed on social media has raised serious concerns, necessitating advanced methodologies for timely detection. This paper addresses the challenge of interpretable depression detection by …

Personality detection using BERT

In this post I show how to leverage BERT, a transformer-based language representation model, in order to identify the personality type of users based on their writing style and the content of their posts, according to the Myers-Briggs indicator (MBTI).

Play with BERT! Text classification using Huggingface and Tensorflow

In what follows, I'll show how to fine-tune a BERT classifier, using Huggingface and Keras+Tensorflow, for dealing with two different text classification problems. The first consists in detecting the sentiment (*negative* or *positive*) of a movie review, while the second is related to the classification of a comment based on different types of toxicity, such as *toxic*, *severe toxic*, *obscene*, *threat*, *insult* and *identity hate*.